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This work is funded through the NSF DRK-12 CAREER Program, Award #1708329.
Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


JUNE 2020: FAACT team represented in NSF CADRE Webinar

MAY 2020: FAACT team publishes in Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

JAN 2020: FAACT team to be represented at ICME in Shanghai, China in July 2021

JAN 2020: Look for the FAACT team at NCSM; centennial meeting of NCTM

NOV 2019: FAACT team represented at PME-NA in St. Louis

OCT 2019: Dr. Hunt and team are excited to share our work on UDL Talk Moves in Salt Lake City

JULY 2019: Dr. Hunt and team are excited to share many updates to our research publications and educational resources

MAY 2019: Dr. Hunt consults with American Institutes for Research on clinical interview PD for Special Education

MAY 2019: FAACT Project represented at National Science Foundation STEM FOR ALL Video Showcase

APRIL 2019 Linking Research to Practice Publication Award Team recognized at NCTM

JAN 2019:  FAACT Project featured in Scientia

NOV 2018: FACCT Project in the Spotlight for STEM and Students with Disabilities

<strong>NOV 2018</strong>: <a href="https://research.ced.ncsu.edu/faact/recent-news/">Lynch, Hunt, and Lewis Awarded by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics</a>
<strong>SEPT 2018</strong>: <a href="https://research.ced.ncsu.edu/faact/recent-news/">Cross-College Collaborative Effort Wins Research Efforts for Students with Disabilities</a>
<strong>AUG 2018:</strong> <a href="https://research.ced.ncsu.edu/faact/recent-news/">Universal Design for Learning Conference Promotes Access, Equity, and Empowerment</a>
<strong>July 2018</strong>: <a href="https://research.ced.ncsu.edu/faact/recent-news/">Equity-Focused Issue Published in Investigations</a>
<strong>JUNE 2018:</strong> <a href="https://research.ced.ncsu.edu/faact/recent-news/">Collaboration Brings Issues of Responsiveness in Teaching Students with Disabilities to NSF PI Meeting</a>
<strong>June 2018:</strong> <a href="https://research.ced.ncsu.edu/faact/recent-news/">FAACT Project Represented at International Conference of the Learning Science</a>


The goal of this project is to study and support the development of conceptual understanding of fractions by students with learning disabilities (LD).  READ MORE


We are a core team of five NCSU-based researchers and students with two partners from universities across the country.  READ MORE….


Our research is published in national and international journals across special education and mathematics education!  Read more


We offer clinical interview tools, case studies, and tasks for teachers to support students to build fraction conceptions.  Read more


We’ll be presenting at conferences and events near you!  Read more