Tasks and Pedagogy

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Diagnostic Clinical Interview

A Handbook and Tool for Uncovering Children’s Conceptions of Fractions (coming soon!)

Understand students’ fraction concepts through interview tasks.  Includes tasks and guide to record student thinking.


Lesson and Case Study

Case 1:  Evoking Conceptions through Informal Knowledge: Fractions and Equal Sharing

This case illustrates ways in which the teacher responded to two students’ use of informal knowledge to reason about the mathematics involved in equal sharing problems.


Case 2: Evoking Conceptions of Fractions through Iteration:  Lia and Devon

This case provokes teachers’ reflection of how being responsive to students’ own activity while solving problems can support understanding. Iteration is presented as a mechanism to support the unit fraction concept


Case 3: Evoking Conceptions of Fractions through Reasoning and Representation: Jerry’s Partitioning

This case presented is based on research that examined mathematical thinking of an elementary student with a visual/spatial processing disability along with teacher-student interactions.



Iterating to Promote Unit Fraction Concepts

Promote students’ unit fraction concepts through purposively designed platform tasks and pedagogy


Intensifying Interventions in Mathematics

Learn about how to design specialized interventions in mathematics through a problem-solving approach.



How to Better Understand the Diverse Mathematical Thinking of Learners

Learn about a practical way to utilize interviews as a window into student thinking!




Opening Access to Productive Struggle in Tier 1: Differentiating Instruction

Consider ways to maintain cognitive demand and promote productive struggle in accessible Tier 1 classrooms!



Think-Pair-Show-Share to Increase Classroom Discourse

Use Universal Design for Learning to support student-centered discourse in small group and large group instruction!