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Project Impact

Teacher Impacts

Project AIM has shown that participating teachers improved their:

  • mathematics knowledge for teaching;
  • understanding of and preparedness to facilitate discourse-rich instruction;
  • attention to aspects of lesson planning related to promoting discourse; and
  • frequency of using techniques to promote discourse.

Broader Impacts

Project AIM has impacted the broader mathematics education research community by:

  • generating frameworks, discourse techniques, and tools for elementary grades teachers to use as they analyze, plan for, enact, and reflect on lessons aimed at promoting high-quality discourse for each and every student, in particular English Learners and other students who are learning how to effectively communicate about mathematics;
  • illustrating ways that Project AIM discourse strategies can be implemented effectively in the classroom; and
  • examining how the PD materials supported teachers’ professional learning experiences, including study of discussions about their own instruction versus the instruction of others.