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The Validation of the Equity and Access Rubrics for Mathematics Instruction (VEAR-MI) project is a four-year study with the main goal of validating the EAR-MI, a new measure developed to capture practices aimed to support marginalized students in gaining access and more equitably participating in rigorous mathematical activity in elementary and middle-school classrooms. Though the EAR-MI has great potential to support teacher educators and educational researchers in identifying, evaluating, and supporting the development of these practices, before promoting the use of the EAR-MI, it is important that the EAR-MI be validated to be used in particular ways so that claims and inferences drawn from using it are warranted. Researchers in the Teacher Education and Learning Sciences (TELS) department at North Carolina State University (NC State) and the Department of Teaching and Learning (DTL) at Southern Methodist University (SMU) were awarded a $2.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct the study.

About NC State and TELS

NC State University is a higher education institution with a strong focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-related research and development, and the TELS Department in the College of Education was created to reflect this strong STEM focus.

About SMU and DTL

SMU is a nationally-ranked comprehensive research university located near the heart of Dallas, TX. The Simmons School of Education and Human Development is the home of the DTL–a department focused on teacher education, with a heavy emphasis on research and the connection between research and practice.